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26 October 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Timeline software  
So I've been playing around with timeline software, I'll probably be making a bunch of reports. Hopefully.

So today I tried out Timeline Maker Professional - figured I'd start with freeware.

First thing I noticed: it has tag-along software be prepared to spend 15 minute uninstalling all the stuff you didn't think you were installing when you got it.

Second it requires a reboot for install. This shouldn't be a thing if you're looking to keep it for a while. But it's timeline software why does it need a reboot?

Third it's not freeware - It was be advertised as such since it has a free month trial. The full version currently runs $195.00. So it better be impressive if it wants that money.

It isn't.

Forth it's just a program that you put start and end times in a sheet and it makes a timeline and summary sheet. Yahoo calendar is better for my uses then this.

TL;DR: Timeline Maker Professional not recommended.